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10 Modern Prefab Homes We’d Love to Live in

I can suggest some examples of modern prefab homes that were notable for their design and innovation up until my last update. Keep in mind that the availability and popularity of prefab homes can change, and new designs may have emerged since then. Here are ten modern prefab homes that were recognized for their design:

  1. Breezehouse by Blu Homes:
    • A modern, eco-friendly prefab home with a spacious and open design.
  2. Connect 5 by Connect Homes:
    • A modular home with a sleek and modern design, emphasizing energy efficiency.
  3. KODA by KODA Living:
    • A compact, movable prefab home with a modern and minimalist aesthetic.
  4. LivingHomes by Plant Prefab:
    • Designed by renowned architects, LivingHomes offers modern and sustainable prefab designs.
  5. MIMA Light by MIMA Housing:
    • A minimalist prefab home with a focus on simplicity and flexibility in design.
  6. Fab Prefab by FabCab:
    • Known for its modern cabin designs that emphasize sustainability and energy