Common Insects That Often Take Shelter in Bathroom

Most individuals like spending time in the bathroom while taking a shower after returning home tired from their workplace. Taking a bath helps one relieve stress and rejuvenate significantly aside from promoting deep sleep. However, if you don’t maintain the cleanliness of your bathroom, you will end up putting your health at tremendous risk.

The bathroom is one of the safest harbors for a wide range of insects and pests that invade a residential property. This particular space provides these creepy crawlies with almost everything that they need for their survival and growth.

The more you avoid cleaning your bathroom, the better it is for those disease-transmitting pests. Ensure you hire a pest control expert at Rove pest control agency sooner than later once you identify an infestation of pesky pests in your bathroom. Please keep reading to learn about some of the insects that like hiding in the bathroom and infesting it in no time.

Typical Bathroom Pests

Insects and pests like taking shelter in a hot, humid, and moist environment. These critters feel the safest to breed in wet conditions, and water is something they require to sustain. Hence, the bathroom is one of those places that attract these minuscule creatures the most.

Here are a few types of pests that enjoy hanging out in the bathroom, and you may come across them if you do an inspection.

Moth Flies

No matter how neat and clean you keep your bathroom, you may still find brown or black-colored flies that are tiny and have wings. These flies are referred to as drain flies; filter flies, and moth flies. These pests get access to your bathroom through drains or sewers, especially when there’s any plumbing issue in the actual sewer line.

Though not dangerous, an infestation of these critters can get on your nerves while you take a shower or wash clothes in your bathroom. They like feeding on decaying organic matter in drains.


One of the most common types of insect that almost everyone often gets to see in their bathroom is a cockroach. Aside from sewers and drains, roaches can enter without any problem, even if there are small holes or gaps in your washroom.

They are notorious for carrying and spreading a myriad of diseases. They like the hot and moist conditions that they get in the bathroom. Therefore, these harmful creatures take no time to grow in population and infest. Ensure you seal all cracks and crevices aside from keeping your drains clean to deter roaches from invading your bathroom.


Spiders feel attracted to the bathroom the most because, in this space, they get both food and water for their survival and breeding. These critters feel less threatened and disturbed when they take shelter in a bathroom that’s warm, moist, and dark. Keep in mind that besides affecting the hygiene in your bathroom significantly, an infestation of spiders might not even allow you to live a peaceful life.

Wrapping Up

Aside from the ones enumerated above, you may even discover house centipedes and silverfish in your bathroom if you inspect the space well. Make sure you do not delay contacting a leading pest control company and avail the best pest extermination services to get rid of annoying and dangerous pests and insects from your bathroom.