A leaky roof in a commercial building can cause serious damage. Water can damage thousands of dollars’ worth of stock and equipment and cause electrical shorts that can lead to fires.

This is why you will want to fix any leaks that may be causing serious damage or worsening. You have many options to do this.


You should not assume that all leaks are obvious. Instead, take a walk through the entire facility on a regular basis. For example, monthly. Keep your eyes focused toward the ceiling. Check for water dripping, moldy spots or new ceiling stains. If inventory has been stored for a while, make sure you inspect the areas. These areas are often overlooked, which can lead to problems that go unnoticed for longer periods of time.

Once you have identified the problem area, you will need to locate the leak. It can be difficult to identify the source of water. Water can travel long distances before reaching the problem area. However, it is important to determine how far the ceiling damage extends from the walls. This will provide a good starting point for a search for exterior leaks.

Next, climb up onto the roof. You will need to bring some spray paint or another powerful marking material.

Begin by looking directly up from the spot you have noticed. It will be easier to find it if you measure it indoors. If you find nothing amiss, move on to the next section. Even flat roofs have a slight slope so the leak could be farther away than you think.

X Marks The Spot

Mark the spot once you have found it. This will prevent you from searching again for the problem when it is time to fix it.

Keep the water out

To reduce water infiltration and damage, you can tarp the affected area. Temporary fixes are possible, but ensure you only use compatible materials with your roof system in order to not void the warranty.

Search for other causes

You may not see a problem with your roof. You could also have water in your building from HVAC condensation, leaking drain pipes or failed waterproofing at windows and walls. Your maintenance staff can quickly investigate the problem and help you save money on future repairs.

Contact KCG Roofing Contractors

A roofing company is the best way to repair roof damage. This will guarantee a long-lasting, solid repair. KCG Roofing can help with commercial roofing repairs in Florida.

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