How Often Should You Clean – The Science Behind House Cleaning


When you ask the tidiest people about the secret to keeping their home clean, they all repeat the same thing – you need to clean regularly. If you allow dust and grime to build up, it gets progressively more difficult to remove the filth. That’s when you need to look up “home cleaning services near me” and hire professionals to clean it for you. Let’s check out how often you should clean different parts of your home.

The Details

1. Daily – When it comes to daily cleaning, the kitchen should be at the top of your list. If you prepare and cook food regularly, the kitchen needs to be kept clean to avoid stains and food debris from hardening and bonding to different surfaces. Clean the dishes, wash the counters, and sweep and mop any spills once you’re finished cooking for the day. Apart from the kitchen, there are a few surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly. These include breakfast nooks, dining room tables, and coffee tables. 

If food is consumed over those surfaces, wipe it down to prevent bacteria growth. Clean and wipe away food debris and crumbs from the floor to discourage pests. Apart from cleaning and wiping such surfaces, getting rid of clutter on a daily basis can go a long way. Go through the countries, tables, floors, and other surfaces that tend to collect toys, mail, books, and other personal belongings. At the start of each day, fold away throw blankets and make your beds for a tidier feeling.

2. Every few days – Bathroom sinks get a lot of action. From brushing your teeth and washing your hands to putting on makeup and hair care products. That’s why cleaning it twice a week helps to keep the space spot-free. Stash a lot of disinfecting wipes in the bathroom so that you can always access them for quickly cleaning up the sink. Go ahead and wipe down faucets and handles as well to remove bacteria and germs from frequently used areas.

Getting rid of general clutter every other day or twice a week also helps you be on top of your cleaning game. Set up a 10-minute timer and check out the entryways, clothes chairs, and bureau tops where clothes and shoes collect. Give those spaces a little bit of attention and tidy up the clutter. You also need to establish practices to reduce the clutter in those areas from forming in the first place.    

3. Once a week – When it comes to weekly cleaning, frequently touched areas like TV remotes, door handles, light switches, game console controllers, keyboards, and mice need to be wiped down with a disinfectant. A weekly wipe-down prevents the accumulation of germs on those frequently used accessories and parts. Your bathroom also needs a weekly cleanup.

While the sink area is cleaned out twice every week, the rest of the bathroom needs some attention at least once a week. Germs and bacteria are introduced to your bathroom on a regular basis and the high-humidity environment of the bathroom makes it ripe for the growth of mold and mildew. That’s why along with the sink, you need to clean mirrors, wipe down showers and tubs and launder used bathmats and towels. Make sure to sweep the floors and empty out your wastebaskets as well. 

4. Once or twice a month – It’s important to clean your fridge every two weeks to remove spoiled and expired food. Wipe down the drawers and shelves and plan a meal with food that’s near the end of its life. Cleaning your fridge twice every month helps to keep it smelling fresh and keeps mold growth at bay.

Your floors also deserve a thorough cleaning at least once a month or every three weeks. Pay extra attention to entryways and other high-traffic areas while cleaning and mopping floors. You can remove pet dander, pollen, and all kinds of microparticles with a monthly wipe. Otherwise, those pollutants would make their way onto other surfaces and make you sick. You should also pay attention to the tub and shower area every few weeks.

Deep clean those areas and wash shower liners. Use special tile and grout cleaners if necessary. This helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and mold from your bathroom and also prevents minerals from building up on the ceramic surface. Finally, check out your indoor plants. Plants with flats and wide leaves will collect a lot of dust. Use a damp rag to clean those leaves once a month to keep your plants healthy. You can also wipe down residual dust and soil from plant pots. 

5. Seasonal cleaning – When it comes to cleaning the home every three or four months, windows, ceiling fans, and baseboards should be at the top of the list. Those staple features deserve a good cleaning three or four times a year to get rid of dust, pollen, hair, and dirt. Next, check out your pantries and get rid of all the expired food. If you have a compost bin, make good use of it. You can also check out your closet and donate unwanted clothes. The oven also needs to be cleaned seasonally to get rid of grease and food buildup.

6. Annually – When it comes to annual cleaning, you should hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your home. From the HVAC vents and chimneys to the gutters and other such spaces that can’t be cleaned with regular home cleaning tools should be left to professionals. On the other hand, you can wash the curtains and clean the light fixtures and shades annually.  


Cleaning is a game of catch and mouse. To keep your space sparkling clean, you need to get rid of the filth as soon as you notice it. When you allow dirt and dust to build up on a surface, an easy 5-minute wipe-down turns into a 7-hour affair with industrial steam cleaners. If it gets too overwhelming, you can always search for “home cleaning services near me” and hire pros for the job.

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