Mark Roemer Oakland Explains Interior Design


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, interior design is a topic that can be discussed at length for hours. However, you don’t need to enroll in an interior design course while designing your own home. Let’s check out a few fundamental principles of interior design.

The Explanation

1. Give space to your sofas – Comfortable living spaces need to be practical and beautiful. Without space for moving in your living space, it can never be comfortable to use. As a general rule, you need to maintain a gap of at least 20 inches or more between the couches or sofas and the coffee table.

Any less and it would feel like a tight squeeze that requires awkward postures and fatigue. Try not to go beyond the 25-inch mark either. Otherwise, reaching out to the coffee table for a drink or a book would be uncomfortable.

2. Add fake height – When you have low ceilings, choose low-profile furniture so that your space looks bigger than it is. This way of adding fake height or vertical space goes a long way and your apartment seems much larger. When choosing storage furniture like shelves, drawers, and cabinets, go tall and narrow.

These furniture pieces draw your eyes upwards. Don’t place too many tall furniture pieces close to each other. You don’t want to crowd the vertical space and break the illusion. You can take this illusion to the next level and paint the ceiling, walls, and skirting boards the same color. When the lines are blurred and your eyes lose perspective, your small home appears much larger.

3. Use layers – It’s tempting to throw everything in a room while decorating it. However, that breeds chaos and makes your space look cluttered, making it less functional and less appealing. Instead, think of a space in layers and build it through texture, color, fabric, patterns, lighting, and other such elements. Don’t go with trends since they would go out of fashion very quickly. Stick to your own taste.

For instance, to add layers to a living room, you can use shades of blue and white. Get a patched navy-blue couch and add a fluffy white fabric on one side. The next layer can be made with pillows that are colored with different shades of blue and white. For the next layer, you can use a coffee table with stainless steel legs and a white stone top along with a white reading light beside the couch.

4. Choose the right artwork – Artworks make a big difference whenever they are introduced to a  room. Choose one that goes with the design element of the entire room and hang it perfectly at eye level. Even better if the artworks are a bit larger and are closer to human scale.     


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips for coming up with an excellent design for your home. Following the above-mentioned rules would allow you to keep your home beautiful and functional while avoiding common design mistakes. Otherwise, you can hire a professional to redesign your home.

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